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Capture The Moment

Over the 9 years of my career I have had the pleasure of working tons of events. One of the things I truly love is looking back over the photos and reminiscing on how special each event was. Choosing a great photographer is near the top of the list for most wedding couples and people planning special events. Your special day can not be duplicated or re-done, therefore having great photos is essential. Photographs are what we hold on to for years.  Of course this is not a new revelation but what I want to share is the “Moment” photos. Yes, you should have all of those wonderful posed shots with family and friends but what about when no one is looking? Not every photographer will have the skill set to be able to capture all the elements of your special event AND the “moments” BUT a great, professional photographer will. Take a look at the photos below. This is what we like to call a  “moment” These photos stir a story telling emotion. Along with your formal shots, THIS is what you want for your future event.

Caption This!

Surprise 60th Birthday Party. Guest of honor greeting his guests.  Caption This!

Caption This!

Retirement party-guest of honor very entertained. Caption This!


Sure way to WOW your guests….Food Trucks!

Scan any latest Bridal Magazine and you are sure to find an article related to hottest trends for Weddings. One of the latest trends that has brides buzzing is the addition of Food Trucks at Wedding Receptions. At first thought, this would have been very unusual but more and more these Food Trucks are popping up when guests least expect it. Brides are constantly looking for new ways to wow their guests and give them something to remember their Wedding.

The addition of Food Trucks has proven to not only have a major surprise factor but provides great fun-filled photos.  Some of the most popular trucks are In & Out, Doughnuts, Fat Burger, Ice Cream and Tacos.  Wedding Receptions typically serve Dinner between the hours of 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m.  and will end close to 11:00p.m.  What better way to treat your guests for a late night snack then with a delicious cheeseburger for the road???

Eulina Morris

Creating A Remarkable Event

Certified Wedding Planner