One of the biggest expenses for any party is the food. Yes, of course the kind of food is essential too, but it’s the presentation of your food that usually gets the buzz going about your event. Just the sight of an elegant display with decorative pieces, chafing dishes and uniquely leveled platters can make almost any food enticing.

 Take a look at the photo below for a children’s party. This party had hamburgers, hot dogs and fruit. Now, the guests were never told what was on the menu but this presentation alone had the parents curious as to what was for lunch and more excited than the children!! The addition of a full condiment bar complete with all toppings was a plus as well. Who would have thought Hot Dogs and Hamburgers would have had such rave reviews but I can tell you it was the “Presentation” that won over the parents. Not to mention the children thought they were getting a special feast!  Instead of putting your fruit on a platter, put your fruit in vases. (see photo) You will be surprised how your food table will come alive with subtle, simple changes. You can almost certainly transform the most ordinary dish into something fresh and unique.  Your caterer can help significantly in this area, but if you’re a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) person, keep this tip in mind! 

Have a Remarkable Day!

Eulina Morris